Friday, September 02, 2005


Quick Question

In the Zen Jeopardy category Duplicative Directed Distributions: Could I honestly think that I could get away with temporal enhancement of posts in Blogger? Only time will tell. Until then, you can read this entry here as well as its' original posting here.

After finally reading this post from Xoverboard as well as about a gazillion other comments on various blogs, we can't help but wonder if anyone even bothers with, you know, actually believing any of the kimchee spewing from conservabots these days? We can't believe that the media thinks this is going to work. And, if they are really seriously making statements along the lines that John lays into in his post, we sincerely hope everyone is parsing along.

We were also wondering if anyone else thought about at least temporarily (cough) relocating some of the victims of the NOLA disaster to a certain ranch that has just been vacated? It certainly seems to be rather large - maybe you could build a few shotgun shacks on approximately two and a half square miles?

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