Monday, August 29, 2005


How would U define a Blogger?

What are Blogspeak Definitions for Blogger, Blotter, Clogger and Clotter? No offence intended if u r one of the latter two, KQ has similar ghastly origins; we all slither out of the primordial ooze, no?

Blogspeak Definitions - Blogger, Blotter, Clogger, Clotter

Blogger - One who posts once or twice daily or more, this probably describes most of you ultra-hyper cybersouls who make up the bulk of the incestuous blogworld ...

Blotter - If you post once or twice per week, you are almost a blogger, but perhaps your reticence categorizes you as something of a ...

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Have you tried to use BlogHop on your blog?

In the Zen Jeopardy category Capitalism Crash Course: Would you put a link to BlogHop on your web page? If, so, what do you hop to accomplish with its' inclusion? Fame, fortune, tons of favorable karma, or money, money, money? And which is more important to you, both now, and in the long run?

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Google loves Blogs; Isn't this truly amazing?

How did the stunning new ZenJeopardy and KeyQuestions blogs get indexed by Google so quickly? Isn't it amazing how freelance content from human beings is regaining the ground lost when the web was corporatized in the late 1990s?



Are we having fun yet?

Is there still time to nurture and instil a culture of benign technodiversity, leading to a community of sustainable societies no longer mortgaging the future?

Books on Clean Energy

Friday, August 26, 2005


Re: Website revenue generation; What is working for you?

If any readers who run blogs or websites are reading this, what would you say, other than Google and Amazon, would be good links for revenue generation? Which are best for generating click-through income, and which links provide the best commissions from website links? Finally, which website links are most important from a social point of view, even if they do not provide any revenue?


Why would I post an email here that I sent to another site?

In the Zen Jeopardy category Synchronous Sendings: Where else will you be able to see this email I sent to Bartcop if he doesn't print it? How would you be able to understand what I was talking about if I didn't show you the original email, and his response to it, on his web page from yesterday?

Subject: jury awards

McDonalds was the bad guy?

Yep, McDonald's was the bad guy, handing out products that require you to have multiple surgeries if you spill some on yourself while driving a car.

Give me a break.

Yep, that's their slogan.

A woman drives into a McDonalds drive thru, buys coffee, which, usually is served hot, as is the custom, she is driving in heavy stop and go early morning traffic, so naturally she thinks, where is the best place to put a Styrofoam vessel holding a very hot liquid? Why, between my legs naturally, this way, I can hold it steady while alternately using the gas and brake pedals.
So she had several operations, so what? She did this to herself. If she did not have any kind of cup holder in the car, maybe she should not have gotten something that could hurt her.
People complain about Bush, and they should, but when will the average American actually take responsibility for their actions? As long as they can target someone else, why should they worry about what they do? The whole American culture has become obsessed with the "its someone else's fault" syndrome, up to and including the President. No matter what stupid thing someone does, there is an attorney out there that can figure out a way to make sure some else is at fault.
John A

John, we disagree on this.
The way I see it, McDonalds knows they can make an extra .01 percent of profit if they serve that dangerous liquid in a shaky-ass cup at a scalding 210 f-ing degrees.
And like you say, they put that surgery-causing liquid inside a moving car for elderly people to negotiate for that extra .01 percent of profit and I say that's depraved indifference.
I say they could eat that extra .01 percent of profit and serve coffee at 160 degrees and (great idea!) serve it in better cups with tighter lids, but it's cheaper to scald the old people.

But even the old lady shouldn't get $15M.
That's a lot of money.

What kind of a person has so little compassion for their fellow humans? Would you believe that it elicited this response from Your Humble Narrator?

re: jury awards : The McDonalds lady myth
Hey Bart!

How come you didn't put a Monkey Mail logo above that McDonald's email?

1. Corpo-weasels at Mickey Dees willfully and with malice aforethought broke the regulations regarding how hot they could sell coffee. They knowingly did this for that extra .000001%.

2. There were others who were scalded who were either bought off or threatened or both to keep them quiet before this lady won her lawsuit. The original award to this old lady didn't even cover the costs of the surgery. Some more of that conservative compassion for ya, right there.

3. Oh, and that big award that the lady supposedly got in punitive damages? It was equivalent to two days worth of the estimated corporate coffee sales ($2.7 million) after the years they flaunted the regulations. The judge reduced it to under 1/2 million.

Thanks, monkey, for making our points for us! You have your knickers in a twist because the corporations couldn't shaft the little guy and get away with it, you blame the victim because they got sucked in by greedy executroids who were breaking the law, and you blame the sheeple for getting pissed because we have no choice but to pay for big business to loose the wolves upon us. And you'd be the first to bleat and sue some mom and pop if they made a hairsbreadths error when they service your consumer needs.

Sure, we should take responsibility for our actions. Why is it, then, that corporate personages do not accept the responsibility for theirs?

One link to you, Bart, from a fellow Michigander writing at dKos from last year dispelling the myth:

Please restrict your monkey mail to the smarter ditto monkeys, and the more monkey mail logos (and letters) the better! And keep swinging the hammer.

(: Tom :) the Pillar in Pontiac.
owner, chief cook, and bottle washer at the Funny Farm

What do you think of my response?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


What makes these the best countries for investing in Wind Energy?

Spain, USA, Germany, India and UK; why are some nations the top global wind power markets?

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Hear the rock n Reggae music of Yuya

Solar Intelligence, the blog of past and future ...

Key Questions for the 21st Century ...


Wouldn't U agree?

If there's 2 B any chance of these enquisitive blogs having success in the blogsphere, wouldn't it seem to an enquiring mind that there would have to be elements of disagreement, discussion, and heaven don't forbid, arguments? Could people possibly be allowed to have different opinions, to be smiley-faced and of varying outlooks and POVs? What is this fresh Itopia? Who gave U the right to post any question that comes to your mind? Why would you expect questions from Joe Public before U have posted a few months of content yerself, oh wizardly wordly worldy Zen Jester U?

Write Now (I can be punny also ...) it is only I and I, so while we while away the daze waiting on a friend, a little controversy can go a long way; wouldn't U agree?

Hear the rock n Reggae music of Yuya

Solar Intelligence, the blog of past and future ...

Key Questions for the 21st Century ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Did somebody have a bad day yesterday?

In the Zen Jeopardy category Karmic Kangaroo Kourt: Why was the noting of something that I considered quite an unusual coincidence too much to handle so early in the morning? Was it self-aggrandizing to try and find some common ground that we might be able to stand on together?

Would it be completely out of line for someone who has not posted any comments of his own yet to attack his budding readership for not making any comments?

And finally, as for readers, faithful or not, are there any eyes besides our own that are checking out the posts here? If so, inquiring minds want to know - what would it take to get you to post a comment on this blog?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


What is the sound of one hand ...

... clapping? Massaging oneself? Who gives a flying freak brother whether two different blogs have the same template, give me some flippin coffee for Pete's sake, it's too early for this ...

alright all you unfaithful readers, do U think that it's fair that the Funny Farm and I post all the questions? Is there not something U R wondering about? Post a few questions of your own, but do not expect any answers, for surely some smartass is gonna be right back at ya with questions of her own, and if not, well, ZJ and KQ just might have some pondering of their own to do, don't ya think?


Who could have seen this coming?

In the Zen Jeopardy category Cosmic Coincidences: What are the odds that Key Questions and Zen Jeopardy would have chosen the same Blogger template? Is this merely a function of the meager choices available to those who wish to have the links on the left hand side of the page? Or were we both drawn to use the same template (which of course will probably be changed somewhat shortly after this is posted) by some sort of similarity in our worldviews which inexorably leads us to follow the same mental route once we start out from (relatively speaking) the same spot?

Monday, August 22, 2005


What could possibly be accomplished by starting a blog like this one?

In the Zen Jeopardy category Metaphysical Meanderings: What strange compulsion could drive someone to create a blog called Zen Jeopardy? Is this something that could prove to be a worthy addition to the blogging community?

Could this possibly be connected to a concerted effort by Solar Intelligence and The Funny Farm to create a worthy forum for your never-ending quest for enlightenment?

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