Wednesday, August 30, 2006


We've Sent Mail

Sunday, 4 Falltring 2006

I finally got off my duff and sent in this email to the Freep, the News, and the Metro Times:

Shouldn't we be asking questions?

Why is it that the United States could spend over $70 million dollars investigating a Democratic president on trumped up nonsense, but when the worst president ever drowns New Orleans, bankrupts America, guts Medicaid, tries to gut Social Security, wrecks the economy, gives tax breaks to the rich at the expense of the poor, illegally invades other nations, and then lies about it every day, the media refuses to call him on any of it?

I implore you to call for an investigation into the illicit activities that this administration may have engaged in while in power.

(: Tom :) at the Funny Farm

Thanks to Bartcop for inspiring me to send these emails to the appropriate parties.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tit For Tat
Sunday, 1 Promise 2006

My dKos implant has been activated, and it compels me to break the silence I have so loyally adhered to since the whole KosGate scandal erupted. My unquestioning obediance to the vast left wing conspiracy has generated the following words for your infotainment, O My Brothers:

Respect Where Respect Is Due
by Tom Gevaert
Loosely based on insane ramblings in The NY Times by David Brooks

They say that the Repugnican't spin is just starting up for the fall elections and politics has become the realm of the small-minded. But in the land of the Reich Wing, the Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Usurper must be accorded full respect.

The Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Usurper, a k a Gee What A Dumba$$ Putsch, sits in the WhiteWash House, fires up his Republibots at CNN, Faux Snooze, and the New York Times (hi McBobo!), and commands his followers, who come across like squadrons of rabid theofascists, to unleash their venom on those who dare to point out that the Chimperor has no clothes. And in this way the Usurper has made himself a mighty force in his own mind, and every knee shall bow.

The Usurper's first enemy was the right to an open governmental process, where energy task force meetings would not be populated with corpo-weasels from the energy industry, and where, even if they were, that knowledge would be available to the public. So he declared by Imperial Fiat that no one would know who or what went on in those meetings, and it pleased him to see freedom being constrained in this manner in the land of the brave. When the Putsch administration appointed the supremely unqualified, and extremely partisan Karl Rove and Karen Hughes as taxpayer paid administration insiders accountable to no one, this was an appropriate sign of disrespect, and the Usurper did lay his hand of pResidential approval upon the Rovian smear campaign (whilst hiding his connections to it).

When OhMyGodWhatADick Cheney, the pResident of the Senate, told an elected Senator to go Cheney himself on the floor of the Senate when he first became its' pResident, this was also a sign of respect. The Usurper had instructed his Repugnican't minions to support any and all smears of Democratic Party members. And the Usurper pretended he could not hear the smears of his minions, and mindless hacks like McBobo bought it hook, line, and sinker, and disseminated it throughout the land.

The Usurper often directs his wrath at Repugnican'ts who have not bought into his neocon fantasies. But the gay hooker JD Guckert has also swallowed whatever the pResident shoots his way, and the Usurper has graciously exempted Guckert from the need to be a credentialed member of the press. Guckert is frequently utilized By the Repugnican'ts as something akin to a porn fluffer.

And so it is in the realm of the Usurper. Those who blindly follow the edicts of the Chimperor get respected.

But lo, there are doubters. Joe Wilson, a US diplomat, whose wife was treasonously outed as a CIA operative while a non-official covert operative, wrote a column in the New York Times pointing out the inconsistency between the utterances of the Chimperor and reality. He further refused to cave in to administrative pressure, and stuck to his story.

The Illegally Installed Drunken Cokeheaded Deserter was displeased by this publicity.

But the Usurper hid his mighty wrath from public view (although reportedly he took it out on those who supported him the most), and his minion Rove responded with the sleaziness for which he is so well known. In a private letter to hundreds of his fellow conservative kool-aid drinkers, Rove declared (on behalf of the Usurper) he would "go on the offensive" in a "couple of months," but in the meantime, a code of omertà was in order. "It would make my life easier if we can confine the story," he wrote. "If any of us respond to the Democratic allegations right now, we fuel the story. Let's starve it of oxygen. Besides, I have a doozy of an operation slated to begin this September. They won't buy the bs then if we start to peddle it now."

But alas! There were still those of integrity within the bureaucracy, who attempted to prevent the Usurper's Kristallnacht, and tried to inform the public of what the Usurper had in store for america.

The Usurper waxed Cheneyesque on the evils of leaking, and this time the squeaking fury of the Dunsel In Chief could be heard (to those capable of discerning bedwetting cowards) far and wide. The Usurper excommunicated those who dared to dissent from the administration. "you are either with us or with the terrorists" he said with a straight face during remarks to the US Congress.

"We ask every nation to join us. We will ask, and we will need, the help of police forces, intelligence services, and banking systems around the world." the Usurper charged. And so a pair of Asian nations was expunged from the global community of the righteous, and its people cast into the shadow of oblivion.

The Usurper does not notice that his people are angered with his arrogance (unless his advisors disrupt his blissful ignorance). Sounding like Tom DeLay — who is his loyal lieutenant — Putsch says that those who dare to criticize his Imperial pResidency and take on the establishment are bound to be persecuted to the full extant that the administration is capable of.

But the truth is that the new boss is little different from the old boss — only smaller. Dennis Hastert and Bill Frist and many other Repugnican'ts bow and scrape to this Clueless Blunder. He has managed to spread the gospel of smear and deflect far and wide, which is not really about ideas and philosophy. "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier...just as long as I'm the dictator" he has said.

And so the Usurper has his relationships and his understandings and his networks and his compromises. In just a few short years he has achieved a level of self-importance it took those in the pre-junta political class decades to acquire. And all it has cost mankind is the soul of its' greatest nation.

He has challenged his enemy and become it.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Is It Spring Aleady?

I haven't been to the Big Smoke since my friend's heart stopped. Nor have I been updating this page for a while. What could I possibly have been up to since then?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Quick Question to the Federal Election Commission of the United States Government

Sunday, 29 Premise 2006

How come the Canadian election can be counted and verified by hand by the time the Royal Canadian Ballet closes down for the night, but youse guys can't allow international observers to verify the vote, and can't count it right - even after almost five and a half years (don't even start about the last two [national and mid term] elections) after you stole the first one. Are you hoping to be long gone from this mortal coil before the truth comes to light? And, do you think it might be possible for you to study the elections going on next door to see how somebody else does a pretty good job of registering the choice of their voters? Maybe so that you can learn how to do it yourself?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005


What Excuse Could I possibly Come Up With This Time?

And can I still post in the quizzical mode I have (more or less) been doing here up until now?

Well, there's always the problem that this is a secondary site for me - I have some philosophical disagreements in how to pursue filthy lucre on the internets with my good friend Joe over at Key Questions. And he is having a number of issues on his own that are hard to deal with, with child-turning-into-adult situational maintenance being rather high on his to-do list (I'm guessing - I haven't had the time to get in touch with him lately). Plus holiday festivities can cause stress in some circles, and many of the long time friend types are not Festivus-friendly.

Be that as it may, I think I'm going to try and become a clogger over here - maybe a couple of posts a month, but not too much. Perhaps I will see some of the potential profitability of our joint ventures here on the World Wild Web if I ask Joe next time I see him? And could there actually be some money to be made writing stuff on a weblog?

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Does marijuana help relieve depression by generating new brain cells?

Canadian University Research Suggests Marijuana Analogue Stimulates Brain Cell Growth

A synthetic substance similar to ones found in marijuana stimulates cell growth in regions of the brain associated with anxiety and depression, pointing the way for new treatments for these diseases, according to University of Saskatchewan medical research published today in The Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Xia Zhang, an associate professor in the U of S neuropsychiatry research unit, led the team that tested the effects of HU-210, a potent synthetic cannabinoid similar to a group of compounds found in marijuana. The synthetic version is about 100 times as powerful as THC, the compound responsible for the high experienced by recreational users.

The team found that rats treated with HU-210 on a regular basis showed neurogenesis – the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus. This region of the brain is associated with learning and memory, as well as anxiety and depression.

The effect is the opposite of most legal and illicit drugs such as alcohol, nicotine, heroin, and cocaine.

“Most ‘drugs of abuse’ suppress neurogenesis,” Zhang says. “Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis.”

Current theory states that depression may be sparked when too few new brain cells are grown in the hippocampus. It is unclear whether anxiety is part of this process, but if true, HU-210 could offer a treatment for both mood disorders by stimulating the growth of new brain cells.

Read more at and at

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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Now I'm a Farmer ...

... and I'm diging digging digging digging!

Well, nice to see you all arriving at the party on time! I just finished reading Wonderland Avenue by Danny Sugerman, a real must-read for any Jim Morrison or Iggy Pop fans out there. Danny is co-author of No One Here Gets Out Alive, and he was hanging with The Doors from when he was about twelve, working for them (answering fan mail, writing press releases) since he was fourteen. It was all hunky dory until the needle and the damage done.

For there to be interaction there has to be action; from a quick peruse, I'd say you could increase your blog's popularity sevenfold by posting shorter articles, but more frequently. Cut to the flippin chase my friend, and if you don't want the official site to be commercialized, utilize this baby for that porpoise. You know I have four large offspring and cannot pay my freakin' bills right now.

Anyways, there's a Malene Arpe article in the Toronto Star today about a cybercouple from Boston and Toronto who recently married, with wedding coverage on both of their blogs and on their rabbi's blog, VelveteenRabbi Blog .

Here's some of the story of the blogging couple, Joey deVilla of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Wendy Koslow of Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

What blog has joined together ... Blogospheric romance makes something old something new


They promised to love, honour ... and blog.

Wendy Koslow and Joey deVilla got married Sept. 24 in Boston after a year of careful planning, but if you're a reader of deVilla's blog or the couple's mutual blog, you already knew that.

Koslow, 31, of Boston, and deVilla, 37, a Toronto resident, met at a blogging conference. The rabbi, of course, has all the details on her blog.

"Last night I married Wendy Koslow (of now-defunct blog The Redhead Wore Crimson) and Joey "Accordion Guy" deVilla. Their story reads like a fairytale.

They were introduced by Reverend AKMA at the first BloggerCon a few years back. Despite the distance between Toronto and Boston (and between their two families and backgrounds — Wendy is Jewish and American, Joey a Catholic Philippino-Canadian) they fell in love," reads a recent entry from Rachel Barenblat's Velveteen Rabbi blog.

There was no blogging involved in last year's romantic proposal.

"We'd just spent the weekend out on the town (in Boston) celebrating Wendy's 30th birthday. After a quiet romantic dinner, we went back to Wendy's apartment where we were planning to have dessert and watch a movie. While relaxing, Joey decided that this was as good a time as any, and asked, "Wendy, will you marry this big ol' dumb ol' bear?'" the couple says — via email, of course.

"Everyone was expecting the engagement to happen that weekend except for us. Joey didn't plan to propose then. We didn't even have a ring — there was a diamond waiting for us, but it wasn't in town with Joey."

Last October, following the enthusiastic "yes" to the proposal, the couple started posting the ups and downs and minutiae and links of wedding planning on On Oct. 29, Joey, a technical community development coordinator, had this update:

"In case you hadn't heard, our wedding will be both multicultural and interfaith...

More of this story on

Joey's Accordion Guy Blog

Velveteen Rabbi Blog

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